Tuesday, February 23, 2010


If you love something set it free. The statement is definitely along the lines of rhinestones pasted on a cell phone circa 2002. Sounds nice and has a white knight, honorable exterior but literally means nothing at all. It's in the same family of phrases such as: "Everything's going to be ok." (When you know it's not going to be ok at all) You say it to someone possibly in a scene of fatality. Just words, a little white lie, they mean nothing at all but for some reason tie to comfort. In this scene of tragedy where someone is passing on and the phrase "Everything will be ok." is used it somehow on the surface assures just that. But behind it, it’s nothing but a filler in good manners. It’s just as imprinted as an automated response such as “See you later.” Even if you could be seeing someone for the last time it seems even too harsh these days to say “Goodbye.” “Goodbye” doesn’t allude to anything it’s a definite end, its death in a conversational sense. “If you love something set it free” translated in terms of my use or the real use means “If you love something learn to love something else.” Nothing is permanent. Basically saying, by the time you love something, you’ve won congratulations! That being said and now fearing I may be swinging into the swamp of contradiction but learn to love something else. Quit while you’re ahead. To save myself in a last whim I’m also saying never let anything go as well as don’t let anything too close and left unattended. Love can be very much like an infection or bacteria, a disease and an addiction. Like smoking, you can come up with the most extreme illegitimate excuses to stick with it. It feels good when taking part and you may say “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll quit before I have kids, once my career kicks off, once I’m a settled adult.” But eventually without warning the cancer rots you out and that’s the song. You’re dead. I preach this limbo, feather in the breeze way of love because otherwise it’s just too hard. I do believe in fairy tales and that there’s one person on the planet that has your heart but just doesn’t realize it. Like a baby in the womb it needs to be nurtured but you can’t feed something that you are not aware exists. About 55% of people find their heart in their lifetime but for the other 45% they just settle and divorce or assume their heart has died of starvation already and give up. There’s all this stress and anxiety in the race to find you’re heart when there’s only just over 50% that you will succeed. Why? Is it really worth the trouble? It’s like being in the final round of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? with the 50/50 life-line in use but you don’t know the answer. The answer is easy to me. Take the $500,000 and run. Yet most people sit in the hot seat biting their fingers to the bone in absolute torture for years. I also see love in a combustible religious sense like these people strapping bombs to themselves. That’s dedication, willing to die for a cause that everyone else thinks is ludicrous. I see PDA car bombs everywhere on park benches, sidewalks, restaurants, and elevators. Almost to make me feel like I’m the one who’s ludicrous. I’m not biased just overwhelmed that love can have as many combinations as a 100 digit pass-code. If you love something set it free. Even now after writing this I no longer know where I stand. Trying to prove one side leaves loop holes for the other and vice versa. You see movies where someone who loves something but won’t let it disappear. They hop on a plane or stop someone from getting on a plane and everything just works out happily ever after. In real life I think it just comes off creepy. If you love something and it’s leaving it doesn’t matter at all whether you love it or not it’s still leaving regardless. The phrase makes it seem like you’re doing the right thing when you’re not in control of a damn thing. Now secret love can still change anything. That has power but we’re back at the 50/50 rut again. It just goes round and round in circles. Everything in the world of romance balances on a blade. It’s a two way single lane street. You’re right or you’re wrong. Usually I have an answer. Usually I can sway myself into one point of view or the other. Here all I can say is that if anyone tells me if I love something to set it free, my answer will be simply “Fuck off.”

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