Saturday, February 27, 2010

Medusa Just Shy of Three

Medusa I love you, so stop this party of aphasia and kiss me hard. When we touched I could tell you meant it. The background was still moving past our windows. It was like the car was a capsule isolated from time itself and while we kissed we sat still and time was rushing past us like a mob of business people on the streets of New York. The kiss was covered up by stained glass eyelids lit by the sun outside moving slower than the trees. When our eyes opened you locked onto me with them like a fighter plane. You held my hand tight as we both sat back . You in the drivers seat, had my hand and the hand of your side door. We watched the steering wheel with a mind of it’s own. It was like a king cobra hypnotizing us and pushing us back into our seats. The hydro poles were lighthouses all controlled by men asleep from the drink. The turbulence from the gravel shore was as violent as a rodeo bull, throwing us around but we held on, and kept each other never to let go. The car pounced from the shore and hugged one of the lighthouses waking the man inside, tipping his drink spilling sparks like fireworks just for us. The car hugged it well and hugged it tight. The rigor mortis began knocking me out and binding us down with our hands wrapped together as we turned to a photograph and the cement filled our limbs. You saw your reflection in my eyes and you meant for it. The pill you chased down with a cup of ambition was your own. We are now carved in stone with mangled metal for framework, permanently intact. Divinci couldn’t have planned a finer piece himself. When they find us they will know we are lovers. Hand-in-hand: so delicate, so calm, so perfect.

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