Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Realty Sucks

don't load your cannons, it's not over yet
there’s a man with a trumpet driving them back
with guns for fists and eyes glazed with fire
he plays the anthem of my heart and we march
don't rely on a sniper or an arrow of hope
we march because there is nothing left to hold
the pistol without vacancy tells me I won't be captured
my bridges sing from their ashes a song of victory
I’ll drive her back into the sea like the unicorns who once roamed the earth
I’ll wave to her as she capsizes into my feet
she'll stay harnessed by the horizon and tormented by a rising storm
I’ll send her my apologies in bottles that were emptied over night
I can't stay in this house with walls encrypted by her voice
I’ll walk away silently as this all ascends to the mourning sky
like the souls of my cavalry that never stood a chance
it's a long road ahead but I’ve caught a new melody that goes like this:
on the battlefield of love, guard your queen with all the armies in the world
then bury them under a city of mines and call for help
lets get this war started

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